Geographical Condemnations

You’re on the couch.

Sitting curved. The late summer breeze is turning into a wind. You close your eyes, feel the change how it gets stronger each minute.

You speak almost four languages, you’ve lived in several countries. You’re non religious. You’re not living on your sub-ID’s. You don’t have ideological and political obsessions. You’re a good mother. You’re not moody, not stressed, not depressed, not melancholic, not down, not bad, not furious, not a revolutionist but an evolutionist, you’re brave, you’re free.


You have skills, you have experience, you have courage to make a living at any place, in any culture. You can learn anything that comes up onto your way.

And you’re not free to go, not free to run, not free to start wherever you wish to start.

Because the geography you were born into is your ID, standing on top of your skills, on top of your languages, experience,  ambitions and your freedom. You’re free whenever your geography is free.

That’s it.

Now go to sleep, wake up in your village, make peace with your reality and wait…
Hands and legs tied.

Breathe held.

Heart paused.

Blood stucked.

Your CV never talks as much as your origins do. Your intentions and open mind never mean to mean as much as your nationality.

Close the world map.

Step back.

Sit back.


On your couch.