His departure

He went.

It happens first time this way.

Can one feel closer when the other departs?

Yes she can, this time, at this moment, right now she can.

He went. Further in distance, closer in heart.

Some goodbyes make you smile.

Damn! He always makes me smile.


A birthday letter

Yes my dear, now the roads are clear ahead of you to that hill so start climbing and reach the cloud 9.

Reach the heights that are not too high blurring your sight, and reach the heigts that are not too low to hide any part of this complete view from your sight. 

Reach the right altitude to have the right attitude. 

Do not ever lose your strength because it’s nothing yet you’ve gone through so far, 

Do not ever drop your courage down from the cliff because you cannot catch it back when it’s beneath your feet,

Do not spill your dreams around, you cannot collect them back when they hit the ground.

Walk slow and safe my dearest one, and remember we’ve been always proud.