Do you really “hate” it?

After reading a couple of hundreds blogs, I’ve realized how I don’t “hate” many things that easily.

I haven’t fulfilled a psychology course or linguistics, however I intend to express myself trying to use the most suitable and correct words for my feelings.

I like following the comments of a blog sometimes more than the blog itself. Yesterday I noticed that almost everybody was about “to hate” or has already “hated” something which is not deserving the strength of the verb itself.

How is “to hate” ?

What makes / should make us “hate” something?

A couple of minutes ago my colleagues and I were having our espresso and telling each other some funny stories of our pets. My colleague without any harsh or bad manner said she hated cats. Naturally I felt the need to ask why? After listening to her relatively unimportant story about how she found them cold, political, and unthankful, I tried to find out whether these characteristics of animals cause a real “hatred” inside us.

Doesn’t hatred usually appear by more striking behaviours or damages we or our loved ones receive? Is it really that easy to “hate” an animal only because of his natural character?

If an unthankful cat is causing us hate him, then what should we feel for a murderer human being???

I think my colleague had never felt a real hatred for cats but just “disliked” them, only she didn’t pick the correct word for her feelings.

When I read all the comments on WAR OF WORDS blog yesterday, I saw the same thing in a more ironic way.

The subject was about words, abbreviations and meanings, but almost 90 percent of the readers started their first sentences with “I hate this word” or “I hate the way people pronounce it”  etc…

And the blogger has not even noticed this ear killing expression so far!